EmacsListen has been tested only under Windows XP and Windows 2000 running Emacs (available from Sourceforge nqmacs). It probably runs under Emacs 21.3 as well (but the extraordinarily useful cua-mode [providing standard key bindings for copy, paste, etc.] only comes with later versions. Also, the XML-mode in later versions has been improved.



Installation Instructions

Look in file from distribution.

Known Limitations and Bugs

Look in file from distribution. This is a partial list.

Quick Reference

This two page quick reference is a comprehensive account of the syntax of ShortTalk. In addition, a number of LaTeX specific commands, directly restricting common macros and environments, exist.


Please go to the EmacsListen FAQ.

Help forum

Please go to help forum (Applied-Recognition, Inc.) and Tips (Applied-Recognition, Inc.).
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